The Bill Collier Community Ice Arena is a great place to advertise your business.  Your sponsorship shows your support and commitment to the health of our community and its families!

Online Advertising

Advertising online has many local benefits. When customers want to come skate, they check our website to verify details instead of driving all the way out to see us. This means our site has a great deal of walk-in opportunity. Since the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena is located at the Running Y, potential customers may seek the services provided by local business before making a trip. This could include something as simple as a nice warm coffee or a potential customer who is interested in taking up figure skating or hockey and needs athletic gear before hitting the ice.

There are many reasons why customers come to and we believe local business will provide more solutions for our customers.  Let’s all pitch in and build this community of ice sports!

Dasher Board Ads

Advertisements are placed on the interior of the dasher boards, which are the walls that surround the ice sheet.  The ads are visible during our ice skating season from November through March and they are also visible during our ‘off season’, which is April through October.  The ads are large, colorful and proceeds from the sale of the ads directly benefit the operation of our skating programs.

Why advertise on the dashers?

  • We have 16,500 to 18,500 on ice visitors each season.  Approximately half of those visitors are youth who come with other family members, i.e. spectators!
  • Our arena guests – your potential customers – are typically there for an hour or more each visit.
  • Your potential customers are captive….they cannot turn the page, fast-forward, or throw away your message!
  • Your ad is large, full color, and it is visible every day for an entire year!
    • Full panel ad is 30 inches high x 96 inches wide
    • Half panel ad is 30 inches high x 48 inches wide
  • Ads are produced with your company’s logo and can be designed by your own designer or by AMI graphics, a dasher ad specialist who prints all of our ads on special paper designed just for ice arenas.

Online and Dasher Ad Packages 

Advertise on BOTH our website and our dasher boards during the 2013/14 season and receive 10% off the basic birthday party package fee AND 10% off private ice rentals!

Community Partners

Our Community Partners are people of all ages and they come from varied backgrounds.  Each person brings different skills to our team and offers help to conquer our many challenges!

Some of our Community Partners skate with us…some serve as volunteer hockey coaches….some head up our group lessons and our figure skating programs….some assist with weekly school groups and help lace hundreds of skates, not to mention mentor our youngsters both on and off the ice…some serve as Olympia (Zamboni) professors and teach our new drivers….some troubleshoot our mechanical difficulties and keep us up and running….some advertise with us…some contribute financially to help support our many programs and help keep our admission fees reasonable…and the list goes on.

Becoming a Community Partner

Would you like to volunteer some time at our ice arena?  Do you have a special skill or service that would benefit one of our many programs?  Would you like to advertise your business with us?  If you would like to become a Community Partner, please call Suzette at (541) 850-5758 ext. 7 today or email her at!