Curling & Broomball


The Olympic sport of curling has a home in Klamath Falls!

Our beautiful 40 plus pound granite stones or ‘rocks’ as they are affectionately called, eagerly await curlers of all ages (eight and older) to come out and curl with them.  Curling is played on the ice in comfortable shoes with good traction (i.e. no skates required)….the rocks are ‘thrown’ (slid) down the ice and then swept with special curling ‘brooms’ towards the curling ‘houses’…an ‘end’ takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and a regulation game takes approximately two hours and spans eight ends.  Four teams of four curlers each can compete at the same time.

Klamath Ice Sports has talented curling instructors and a number of talented apprentices who would love to share their curling enthusiasm with you!  No previous skill is required and fun is had by all!

We offer drop in  ‘Learn-to-Curl’ sessions which start out with some classroom time and then progress to on ice instruction and practice; all the necessary equipment is provided.  These sessions are $10 per person and we can accommodate up to 32 people per session before league begins and up to eight people per session after league begins.  Look for online registration coming soon!

Our winter league curling for the 2016/17 season will be on Sundays from 12:45 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. beginning January 8th!  $699 per team (up to six curlers including substitutes). Register Here!  League members who have registered and paid are eligible to participate in our November and December Learn-to-Curl sessions on Sundays for half price!

Bonspiel!  Our first ever Bonspiel, or curling tournament, Take It For Klamath!  will take place Presidents' Day Weekend 2017...stay tuned for details!

Private ice rentals can also be made for those people who might want to curl at a time that isn’t listed on our regular or holiday schedule.

Curling is the perfect recreational activity for individuals, friends, neighbors, co-workers, children and adults!  There is nothing more fun than being outside at the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena than enjoying our beautiful sheet of ice while getting some fresh air and exercise with other enthusiastic guests!  No skates are used - just your favorite shoes with good traction!


A totally fun-filled, fast paced game that is played on the ice without skates! A game of broomball is perfect for a group of friends, colleagues, or family members!

It makes for an awesome college ‘study break’ or group date night activity!  All for just $5 per person!

How to Play

A typical game of broomball is broken up into two or three periods.  Each team has a goaltender plus five other players, typically two defenders and three attackers (two forwards and one center).  If there are not enough players, the group is welcome to use half of the ice.

The object of the game is to score goals into your opponent’s goal/net.  The team with the most goals at the end of a game is declared the winner. In some tournaments, if the scores are tied after regular time, an additional overtime period is played to determine a winner.  In the overtime period (in most cases), six players, three on each team, play five minutes without a goalie.  The team to score more goals in the overtime period is declared the winner.  In the event of another tie, a second overtime period may be played.  In some games a shootout period will be played.  The shooter has the choice to have the ball placed a specified distance from the net or, like in hockey, can play the ball from center ice.

Both skating and non-skating enthusiasts will enjoy broomball!

Equipment Required

  • Tennis Shoes

  • (Layered) Warm Clothing 

  • Winter Gloves (we can loan you hockey gloves but it is easier to grip the ‘broom’ with regular gloves!)

  • Good Attitude 

  • We Will Provide

    • Plastic Broom

    • Rubber Ball

    • Helmet 

    • Gloves (if you don’t bring your own winter gloves)

    • Elbow Pads