The Olympic sport of curling has arrived in Klamath Falls! New for the 2013/14 season will be a number of different curling options!  Stay tuned for the details.

Our beautiful 42 pound granite stones or ‘rocks’ as they are affectionately called, have been added to our very lengthy equipment inventory and eagerly await curlers of all ages (eight and older) to come out and curl with them.  Curling is played on the ice in comfortable shoes with good traction (i.e. no skates required)….the rocks are ‘thrown’ (slid) down the ice and then swept with special curling ‘brooms’ towards the curling ‘houses’…an ‘end’ takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and a regulation game takes approximately two hours and spans eight ends.  Four teams of four curlers each can compete at the same time.

Klamath Ice Sports has talented curling instructors and a number of talented apprentices who would love to share their curling enthusiasm with you!  No previous skill is required and fun is had by all! We offer 75 minute ‘Family Learn to Curl’ sessions which start out with some classroom time and then progress to on ice instruction and practice; all the necessary equipment is provided.  These sessions are $10 per person and we can accommodate up to twenty people per session.  Private ice rentals can also be made for those people who might want to curl at a time that isn’t listed on our regular or holiday schedule.

We will offer curling leagues beginning in January!

Curling is the perfect recreational activity for individuals, friends, neighbors, co-workers, children and adults!  There is nothing more fun than being outside at the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena than enjoying our beautiful sheet of ice while getting some fresh air and exercise with other enthusiastic guests!

CURLING FIELD TRIPS!  CALL US AND BOOK YOUR FIELD TRIP TODAY!  “Curling is a great way for students to experience physical science principles in a fun, recreational environment.  I had my class research curling, then we came out to the rink and applied what we learned about curling and the physical science behind it.  Kids had so much fun they all asked when we could do it again!”  Ryan Dean, 6th Grade Teacher, Peterson Elementary School

Check out the newsletter from curling clubs in our region:  Mountain Pacific Curling Newsletter – November 2012

Klamath Falls ROCKS!