Help Needed

To keep prices as low as possible there is constant pursuit of fundraising opportunities and grant writing. Making and maintaining a sheet of ice is an expensive endeavor with large monthly utility consumption and maintenance expenses. The facility serves over 23,500 guests each season, offering a variety of programs for patrons to get fit, stay healthy and enrich their lives.

Each summer we launch our annual "Keep it Frozen - Fund the Freeze!” fund drive. Our current goal, for the 2018/19 season, is in excess of $300,000: $30,000 will be dedicated to assisting with operational costs (to help pay our expenses keep our activities more affordable) and the balance will go towards the purchase of a new shade screen for the southern end of the arena and a new chiller (our chiller is the machine that helps keep our ice frozen).

Once we raise half the necessary funds through individual and business contributions, we can apply for grant funding to help finish the campaign - grant support is almost totally dependent upon solid financial support from our community! 

In January of 2017, we completed a $300,000 capital campaign that encompassed a series of proposals to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction - installation of infrared heaters and a stereo speaker in our bleacher area as well as installation of LED theatrical lighting over the ice sheet and installing tempered safety glass
  • Improve energy efficiency -  retrofitting all outdoor lighting fixtures with LED's, installation of a laser leveler on our Olympia, new variable frequency drive for our chiller, building automation software/hardware, and more
  • Improve facility safety - tackling some civil engineering grading issues, installing westerly shade screens with a larger footprint to shelter and protect our ice sheet and our guests from the weather elements, installing tempered safety glass
  • Repair and preserve existing structures - refurbishment of our existing concrete roof columns and glu-laminated timbers and more

These ideals will serve to improve our financial health through dramatic reductions in our energy consumption, encourage more guests to take advantage of our programs, and help insure that our facilities are available for many years to come.

Please consider donating to us!  Donations of all sizes are very much needed and appreciated!  Thank you!

How you can donate: