Ice Hawks

The Klamath Falls Ice Hawks is our high school hockey team.  This team is comprised of student athletes from throughout Klamath County - unlike high school teams in larger areas, our team brings together students from KU, Henley, Mazama, Triad, and Hosanna - something that we are very proud of.

The Coaches

Gerard Collins was born and raised in Canada and organized the first Ice Hawk team a few years ago. He took a coaching sabbatical to finish his Master's Degree in Education and is very excited to be back on the ice and on the bench!

Charlie Erdman was born and raised in Vermont and played prep school hockey, was a Nordic D1 skier for Whitman College and has just returned to Klamath Falls after completing his master's degree.  In 2010/11 Charlie helped coach the Hawks to a league championship and a second place finish at state!