Learn to Curl & Curling League - Sunday, January 6th at 12:45pm

Our beautiful 40 plus pound granite stones or ‘rocks’ as they are affectionately called, eagerly await curlers of all ages (eight and older) to come out and curl with them. Curling is played on the ice in comfortable shoes with good traction (i.e. no skates required)….the rocks are ‘thrown’ (slid) down the ice and then swept with special curling ‘brooms’ towards the curling ‘houses’…an ‘end’ takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and a regulation game takes approximately two hours and spans eight ends. Four teams of four curlers each can compete at the same time.

Learn to Curl - $10 per person

Klamath Ice Sports has talented curling instructors and a number of talented apprentices who would love to share their curling enthusiasm with you! No previous skill is required and fun is had by all!

We offer drop in ‘Learn-to-Curl’ sessions which start out with some classroom time and then progress to on ice instruction and practice; all the necessary equipment is provided. Maximum 32 people per session before league begins and up to eight people per session after league begins.

Curling is the perfect recreational activity for individuals, friends, neighbors, co-workers, children and adults! There is nothing more fun than being outside at the Bill Collier Ice Arena than enjoying our beautiful sheet of ice while getting some fresh air and exercise with other enthusiastic guests! No skates are used - just your favorite shoes with good traction!

Curling League - $699 per team - Register Here

Curling league is eight 1.5 hour sessions. Instruction, equipment, and registration with USA Curling and MoPAC is included in the team fee. Each team can have four to six members; four team members can curl on any given night.

In the event the Sunday afternoon league fills and we have enough interest to expand into a second time slot we will do so!

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