Endowment Fund

What is an 'Endowment Fund'?  An endowment fund is a permanent pool of assets designed to generate income for an organization, year-in and year-out.  The Klamath Ice Sports Inc. Endowment Fund means sustainability for our wonderful community treasure - the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena!

We are proud to announce our association with the Klamath Community Foundation - where good grows!  A community foundation resembles a saving's account - a pool of money, contributed to by many, and invested to produce income for non-profits, whose good work improves everyone's quality of life!  

Donations can be made on behalf of Klamath Ice Sports Inc. and the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena at any time and our endowment fund can accept all types of assets (cash, stocks, real estate and mutual funds).  You can donate through our secure online registration system or by contacting the folks at the Klamath Community Foundation.  THANK YOU!

All donors who contribute to the account are eligible for a tax deduction.