Seal Rental

Are you a new skater?

If you are new to ice skating, our user-friendly Seals will help you with your skating balance and confidence on the ice. For just $10 for a full session, you can rent Bob, Peppermint, Cocoa, Gretzky, Slapshop, or one of their friends!  These adorable blue pinnipeds are perfect for helping your child aged five an under go for a ride around the arena or your slightly older child or yourself balance while skating around for those first few laps. "Swimmers" or riders, must be five years of age or younger.  "Trainers" or pushers, must be 48" or taller in street shoes.

Helmets are recommended for Swimmers and for Trainers.  Bring your own well-fitting helmet or rent one of ours for just $3.

Our seals must stay in the 'no wake zone', or within eight feet of our ice arena walls.  Need to take a break?  Just park your Seal in the 'Pinniped Parking' area on the arena patio.  

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